You control your mind and can reprogram behaviors in your own subconscious – – – even changing PHYSICAL attributes in your genetics!

Experience the simplicity of SELF-APPLYING HYPNOSIS.

Below are TWO HYPNOSIS AUDIOS to assist in your Wellness.  Find a comfortable place for listening, undisturbed, and relaxed.  Press play, close your eyes and enjoy.  It is not necessary for you to listen consciously, the subconscious will receive and respond to the power of hypnotic suggestion.  Listen as many times, and as often as you like 


is a direct connection of instruction for the subconscious which reengages bio-chemical motivation for goal achievement 


is a softer subconscious invitation for physical, mental, and emotional release, revitalizing, and refocusing for optimum health and balance energy.

Never listen to any hypnosis audios while driving or operating heavy machinery as you may fall asleep. 

Modern Day Hypnosis offers other channels of support for you.  Be well.